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Many are questioning the “forced” resignation of CEO Rick Wagoner from General Motors. Will the US government begin taking over companies? Will President Obama pick and choose whenever he wants to fire a CEO? Are incomes of CEO’s and employees going to be controlled by the government?

Chances are high that the answer is “No.” I am sure everyone is relieved by my keen insight. More importantly, and the whole point here is, how can CEOs, VPs, managers and supervisors communicate better to all employees and customers to assure high quality products and profitability?

The start must be to create a sense of shared commitment, mission, vision and clear goals. Corporations that have alignment in these categories are most able to thrive in difficult times. Training and consulting to boost morale will increase productivity and profits. What would your company look like if conflicts were resolved effectively, morale and motivation were at a peak, and decision making was questioned in an appropriate manner?
Dr. Brian Grossman is an expert in motivation, communication and leadership. Contact him for a free analysis of your company’s current commitment to thriving Now!

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How do you make your words stand out?

In today’s overwhelmed society, standing out is difficult. Even being heard is a challenge. Most people are on overload of messages, most of which claim to be critical. Even the body member enlarging offers demand immediate recognition for the importance they bring to your life.

So how can we use mere words to stand out? Often the speaker resorts to outrageous or egregious statements that are perceived by others as threatening or offensive. For example, today when Senator Charles Grassley suggested that AIG executives resign or commit suicide. To some this was an excellent win/win idea. But to most of us, it only increased anxiety or mistrust in our leaders. We rely on leaders, and high profile leaders to provide focused and accurate communication. Comments such as this one only turn people off and tune people out. At work and at home. The next statement by another leader may very well contain the ingredients of sound business judgment and a way forward. But the audience is already tuned out and misses it entirely.

So for success in your communications, speak strongly, speak clearly, and speak with conviction. More importantly, use dynamic, positive phrases crafted to achieve the kind of response you want and reaction you need. That way you won’t have to choose between suicide and resignation.

Dr. Brian Grossman is an expert in communication in leadership and communication techniques. He has taught seminars in these areas for the last ten years. Contact Dr. Brian at

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Race to the TOP!!
Is it doom and gloom or strap in time?
I say it’s time to thrive! To stand out from the competition and rise above the dismal hullabaloo about how bad things are. When things get tough, the capable stand high. Getting more done with less is fast becoming the industry watchword. Citibank recently laid off 55,000 employees. Who’s now doing their tasks?
Clearly to keep our jobs we need to not only be productive, but to be doubly valuable. Here are 4 Quick Ones – ways to increase your own productivity without increasing your own stress level:
1) Work in 45-55 minute increments with a bullet point lists of high priority items. Then, take a five minute brain break. Talk with a co-worker, supervisor or customer. Research demonstrates this approach increases overall productivity and mental focus 40%.
2) Struggle and challenge: Start your day by working on the most difficult projects first. Consider the feasibility of delegating tasks that others are best in completing. Perhaps in trade for tasks that more closely suit your own skill set.
3) Strengths: Spend the rest of your day working on your strengths. What are you best at? Follow up on necessary team members and clients.
4) Share your success: Find creative ways to make sure everyone is fully aware of your accomplishments. Start a Status Update Newsletter. Create an I’m Proud of…. Bulletin Board. Make sure the CEO, your supervisor, even your clients are fully aware of what’s been accomplished to move them toward their goals. If another cut is necessary, make sure the people doing the cutting are clearly aware of your value to the company.

4.5 – Have a Great Weekend! Taking yourself away to come back refreshed on Monday is a very successful way to be successful.

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Date to Be announced: June 2009 4 Generations at Work: How to motivate and communicate with the four generation workplace. A three hour workshop in Riverside, Ca

Radio Show: Learning to Listen: Did you hear what I think I said?
April 2009

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