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How long are your clients on hold when they call? How many times do customers have to tell the CS Rep all of their information after a customer has pressed 100 buttons to enter it ahead of speaking to someone?

Is your company putting customers through hoops to get to a person?

If your company is currently putting end users through hoops, SAY GOODBYE! I have spoken to at least 100 people over two days who have left: AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, all due to lack of service.

Now, your saying 100 people. So What? Well each of the 100 has at least 1000-10,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, One box, Ning.
So, in one hour, over 100,000 people know who their “friends” recommend. No matter how many media people (CNN, MSNBC, Fox News) make fun of Twitter, Facebook) end users, customers mean something.

Perhaps that’s why myself, Chris Alexander
are extremely busy teaching the WOW! Factor for customer service and synergy in leadership.

When you lead and serve with synergy, and use WOW! factor techniques, customers bring more customers and employees stay, providing high retention and loyalty.

Dr. Brian Grossman is a leadership and communication expert. Contact Dr. Brian for a free evaluation of your teams leadership and customer service strategies.

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While flying back from Birmingham, Ala to Los Angeles, Ca, my row of passengers were chatting with the flight attendants. When asked “how are you doing today?” a few replied, ” As soon as we find another job, we are done here!” Not the most comforting reply. Yet, many other passengers chimed in and said the same type of statements.

Comments ranged from:

1) Doing the wok of two laid off employees
2) Consistent criticism with no recognition
3) Blame to go around instead of finding a solution

It has always been a cornerstone of great leaders to recognize effort, productivity and even average performance. Many surveys by Harris poll, Gallup all state that employees who feel undervalued or abused will be leaving their current position as soon as possible.

Can your business survive a loss of its current talent? Are you using best practices to retain and attract talented employees? Do the multi-generations at your company work together?

Quick tips:

1) Recognize or compliment effort and performance
2) Focus on solutions rather than blame
3) Involve team members in decisions
4) Create an atmosphere of trust and success
5) Make sure employees are clear on the mission and vision of the business

You will find that treating your employees well now will lead to keeping them when the economy begins to churn for the better.

Dr. Brian Grossman has been training CEO’s and leaders in retention strategies for the past ten years. Contact him for a free consult on how communication and listening can help your bottom line.

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Texas Secedes from the Union? Gov. Perry threatens the President of The United Sates! First, he rejects stimulus money, then takes it, Now, he want to reject a health care bill that has not been written.

Well, not to get political, but heres are some quick leadership tips:

1) Leadership requires followers. Not sheep. When people follow you, you do not have to pull them along. Get people on the same page as the vision and mission.

2) Respect your team. Send consistent messages. Praise people when necessary, tactfully give feedback. Speak to all generations, and all behavioral styles.

3) Focus on the future. Where are you going three months from now, four months from now, one quarter from now, one year from now.

4) Inspire others. Create the feeling of respect, treat others well, be dominating when you have to be. Make difficult decisions.

Send comments, let’s continue the conversation.

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Happy 233rd United States of America!
The following was taken from many sources.

This past weekend was one of the best to look forward to throughout the year. For most of the surviving generations these days, 4th of July has evolved to parades, BBQs and lots a beer, laughter and fireworks and honoring America. So before we go celebrate, how about remembering how we got here in the first place:

The Ten Top Reasons To Celebrate America:

10) Read the Declaration of Independence word for word. Did you know that the Thomas Jefferson (now considered the founding father of the Pre Reagan Republican Movement) put a in a clause that allows the American people to alter or abolish an unjust government? Do you know we actually do that?

9) That no matter how much we don’t agree with family or friends about politics,
we respect each other’s points of view, are allowed to argue in public, are not jailed, stoned or executed or disappear late one night never to be heard from again. It’s great to be able to agree to disagree.

8) In light of some of the things both candidates last year said about what their plans were for the country, maybe it is time for all of us to re-read the US Constitution. An educated population is the greatest fear that tyranny has. Just look at Iran.

7) This country and past generations have given a lot to make America was it is today. What were some of activities that our parents, grandparents or great-grandparents involved in to make their “piece of heaven” better? What kind of “patriotic footprint” will you leave behind?

6) The one thing that has bothered me the most lately is today’s kids lacking any interest in America’s history and what impact it has had on what they take for granted, and they think they are entitled to today. How many of us really know the history of our own hometowns? Let alone our current communities? Take a moment and seek out some interesting historical fact about where you live.
Did you know that Santa Monica Bay was originally going to be “The Port to the World” that is now San Pedro, CA?

5) Another feature that aspired the Founding Fathers was the beauty of this country of ours. The next time you are hiking or camping, think what it would have been like to see this natural scene for the first time like Jedediah Smith or John Fremont or Richard Henry Dana. If you don’t recognize these names, the United States, let alone California, would not be what it is today without their

4) Your elected representatives in any level of government are only as good as our continually making sure they understand what we feel are the important issues that need to be addressed. Take a moment to write a letter or email to your elected officials. The top of my list this week is our State legislators.

3) What is the one precious thing in America that we take the most for granted? The power to vote.

2) Next time you are introduced to a veteran of whatever war, or law enforcement member or fireman, be sure to thank them for their contribution to protecting what freedoms and rights we have. Or make a contribution to the USO, veteran’s group, or your local organization that supports families of our fallen heroes. Or get involved in community volunteerism.

1) The Founding Fathers took a huge risk in writing and signing the Declaration of Independence. If the British Army had been better commanded, the American Revolution would have lasted less than a year. The Fathers would have rounded up, jailed, probably tortured, tried and convicted of treason against the Crown.
They would have suffered a similar fate as William Wallace of “Braveheart” fame suffered, which would have been hanging, drawn and quartered, beheaded and their heads would be put on display on the Tower Bridge to serve as a reminder.
How many of us are willing make the ultimate sacrifice for what we believe in?

I hope you had a chance to celebrate with friends, family, community and country!

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