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Can you boost profits through better health?
What will employees do when a company offers a program for great health. well being and financial health?

I have lost 54 pounds since July 7, 2009. I have sharper focus, better productivity, an increased client base.

When people can make better choices, better focus takes over. Smarter choices will effect all aspects of an employee’s personal and business life.

Take a look at a quick video, let me know if want want help to better health. This is a revolution in health and well being. It is not an MLM, and I offer it to each business I consult with when I teach leadership and communication skills.

Have a great healthy weekend!

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Below is a great link to a 16 minute video. If you would like a better mindset, mood, fun day, better attitude at work, check the link below.

Sometimes, laughter can help with productivity, learning, profits.

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Two months ago, Steve and Mary agreed to cut back on expenses and personal spending so they could save up for a “fun or getaway” weekend every three months. They decided to drop down to basic cable service, set minutes on their cell phones, buy groceries only from a set list, and avoid purchases of new products unless agreed upon by both ahead of time.

What a relief they both felt! Finally, they agreed to cut down expenses so their credit card bill wouldn’t scare them into bankruptcy.

Ah! The weekend arrives. Last chance to see Cirque du Soleil. New hot Italian restaurant opens with free appetizers -“We gotta eat, honey.” And Mary notices a new Vizio TV (on sale – last chance!) and Steve sees in the Sport section, – barbecues are 50% off. “What a great time to buy one before they this spring!”

Ah, the mail arrives later that month. Mary opens the bill: Cirque du Soleil was $150, dinner was $225,and the VIZIO TV was $1,200 with a payment plan of $89 a month at 22% interest. And the Barbecue was $635. (Only with rebate will he get the 50% discount).

Screaming at the top of her lungs. she tells Steve: “How can I live like this! You don’t love me, you love things. That’s why we’re in debt!” And Steve, of course, blames it all on her. “You’re the one who wanted the TV, the Cirque tickets and the restaurant. And I bought the barbecue for you!”

Are you both arguing over money? Has the economy increased your tension level at work & home? Are you having a hard time budgeting? How do men & women view spending?

Call in Monday night to, 6PM PST to find some answers. You can e-mail questions in RIGHT now at or

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What’s the #1 story in the news today?

“Yes, I did have relations with several women who worked on my staff,” said David Letterman on live television last Thursday,explaining that he divulged this information to jump the gun on a blackmail attempt made (allegedly) by one of CBS’s producers.

Today it was the hot topic of discussion everywhere….inboard rooms, at mommy and me classes, and on news stations everywhere including ABC’s chat fest, The View.

Barbara Walters, one of the hosts of The View,remained very defensive of Letterman. She reminded the audience he did this before he was married. He was single. He had relations with several women who worked for him “Where do you meet people?” she asked, implying that the workplace is often where people meet people to date.

On the other hand, Lisa Ling, a guest panelist,scoffed at any defense of Letterman’s ‘reckless behavior.’ “When you’re the boss,” she said, “keep your friend in your pants.”

And though CBS admitted to having no formal dating policy,the network does enforce a very stringent sexual harassment policy, and this scandal has – at least so far- not entered into that territory.
. . .
My immediate impression is that reckless sexual behavior always creates havoc in the workplace.

Though Letterman may survive this, who knows where this case may go? A former intern of the show may now claim she was overlooked and disregarded because she didn’t have sex with him. And viewers may form an unfavorable impression on Letterman that may lead to cancellation of advertisers, lower viewership, and even (God forbid) the end of the Letterman Show.

Sex in 2009 Corporate America may have changed slightly over the past twenty years: We’re now not only scared of herpes, AIDS and other diseases,but sexual harassment law suits are prevalent and expensive, decimating profits and ruining careers.

But besides that – the issues are always the same. If you have sex with someone at work, who is married – what are you thinking?Inevitably, it breaks up marriages. If the relationship is between the boss and the secretary or workers from different hierarchies and departments – it affects hiring practices. Will one give the other a break? Will there be repercussions when the relationship dissolves? Can I depend on a letter of recommendation if I no longer have sex with you?

“It’s a real mess,” declares one therapist I spoke to. “More times it’s simply libido gone wild. Most times it involves a man who simply doesn’t have the ability to control his private parts. And when it’s the reverse— the woman going after the man – even in 2009–such goings on create tension, initiate gossip, stall productivity, and engender a variety of smalltalk and games that can end careers. It’s simply not worth it.”

So how does one deal with unwanted advances? If you notice people at work forming a relationship, what do you do? What if it affects your workload? Your morale? Your productivity? Your future?

E-mail in questions now, call in Monday night at 6PM PST Dr. Brian and Karen Marzo,, address your concerns, questions, and issues regarding the big elephant in the workplace: SEX!

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Do your customers come back? How welcome do you make them feel? How are you treating your internal customers?

Recently I walked into a new Starbucks (I had never been to this one.) I was greeted with a “hello, thanks for coming in!” That is the first time that had happened, except when Starbucks had first opened.

I had an opposite experience at a restaurant where I took my parents for a birthday celebration. We were greeted rudely upon entering, waited twenty minutes for a table, and did not receive the correct food.

What accounts for the difference? Attitude. Training. Reward. Starbucks, while downsizing, is still investing in training for employees, developing new products and taking care of their employees. One manager told me, “we treat our employees how we want them to treat our customers.”

Often I hear CEO’s and managers say, “In a tight economy, we cannot invest anymore into our employees.” Fortune magazine, Forbes, Apple computer all continue to report that this is the most important time to invest in your employees.

When employees feel skills are improving, communication and leadership issues are addressed and the company is invested in growth, employees return that investment 110%. Cutting back, ignoring deteriorating attitudes, stress and lack of communication skills all lead to losing employees and customers.

Providing the opportunity for all staff, managers and executives to reassess skills in leadership, sales, communication and conflict now will pay off ten times. What is the price on developing a self sufficient team, excellent communication and conflict resolution skills?

Al you need do is ask your employees: “Six months from now, when everything is better, will your current employees stay, or leave?”
Currently, 68% state they are leaving. How iwill that impact your bottom line?

Investing now in your employees pays off ten times in profits, retention, great word of mouth marketing.

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