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Christmas songs, colors, music, movies, and signs all over that holiday time is here.
Holiday Cheer! Holiday Feelings! Renewal, hope, start over, new goals. The giving, the celebrations, or…….

The In Laws are coming! I have to go to a corporate party and act really happy! I can’t have fun, I have to be political.
How do you feel about the holidays at home now? Is it more pressure? Does Madison avenue bug you? Are you frustrated at work with the holiday atmosphere?

The Madison Avenue push for buying new “things” started October 28, 2009. Macy’s sent out advertisements for holiday buying ideas in August of 2009. At a time when finances, relationships, business and money are tight or creating stress, what outlets are available to you? Sears is advertising that Father/Daughter relationships can improve by buying a 55 in LCD TV, Sound System and laptop. UGH!

First, let’s go over some statistics:

* Behavior at a corporate holiday party accounts for 28% of firings
* 33% of personal relationships (Non Married) break up between December 18-29
* 22% increase in divorce- most divorce requests between November 22-December 29
* Alcohol intake increases 22% among adults who regularly do not drink (Non Drinkers defined as people who drink three drinks or less a week)
* Resentment of In-laws increases marital stress 28%
* Men like toys, women like intimacy

So, how can you have fun during the holidays? How can your personal and business relationships thrive?
Some quick tips:

* Set goals ahead of time about who your family will host or visit
* Agree to “let go” of whether you like/dislike certain family members.. They are not your focus, your spouse is most important
* Decide to “enjoy” relatives and friends rather than dread the experience
* MATERIALISM is NOT important- enjoying each other, telling stories, spending time together
* Be your best at workplace parties, it could lead to better treatment. Volunteer to set up parties. Being involved reduces your stress
* Men, focus your S.O., Women, focus on your S.O. (Significant other)

Can you relish, thrive during the holidays? Can your relationships grow? Can you have fun and survive?

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