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Meet Dr. Brian Grossman

Have you ever tried to motivate someone who is serving 20—Life? Have you ever built a performance team made up of convicted felons? What motivation techniques would you use to get someone with no hope of parole to learn to read and use better grammar?
Motivation and team building are tough in any environment. In a prison setting, they verge on the impossible.

Let Dr. Brian teach you the motivational techniques he perfected as a prison psychologist. If he can motivate prisoners to increased performance, he can teach you techniques to get the most out of your team.
Dr. Brian Grossman utilizes a wry sense of humor and the unique ability to enable adults, employees, executives and entrepreneurs to laugh while learning new techniques. Dr. Brian has a unique approach to consulting, training and coaching. He is the author of “Learning to Listen: Did You Hear What I Think I Said?”, “The Ultimate Supervisor Program”, and “The 5th Generation of Time Management.”

Dr. Brian serves clients as a consultant, professional speaker, trainer and keynote speaker. Dr Brian’s expertise is from consulting and training over 4,000 leaders over a ten year period. Are you seeking immediate and lasting results for yourself and your team? His specific focus and passion is working with executives, managers and supervisors to support them in facilitating maximum performance in leadership.

Dr. Brian has provided training for numerous organizations including JPL, Burlington Northern-Sante Fe Railroad, Goodwill Industries, Hewlett Packard, IBM, the IRS and the US Treasury.

Dr. Brian, and his team of consultants and trainers are based in Los Angeles, California.