Performance Articles

Keeping Good Employees: Money as an Internal Motivator
by Dr. Brian Grossman

Is it possible for money to be used as an internal motivator? We hear a great deal about motivators that aren’t strictly compensation-based, and those can be (and are) quite valuable. However, in the interest of keeping ahead of the curve in terms of what employees are looking for today, it may be useful to look back a bit; at what may well be the oldest employee motivator–plain old money. Read More »

Underachieving Employees – Quick Tips
by Dr. Brian Grossman

Most of us have some employees who simply do not consistently apply effort and who are working far below their potential. Their problem is not ability, but attitude. They deny that what they do now has any impact on tomorrow. They are Underachievers.

In the past, when we did not have labor shortages to contend with, we would most often make some attempt to work with those persons. And when that attempt failed, and it usually did, we would just let those people go. Not so anymore. We need every employee we can recruit and then some. We can’t afford to let people go anymore. Read More »