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listenaudioartProgram Title: Learning to Listen: Did You Hear What I Think I Said?

by Dr. Brian Grossman

Top Ten Reasons to Purchase Learning to Listen:

10. Personal and Business Relationships will be strengthened at the completion of the program.

9. The More You “Learn to Listen”, the more Power and influence you will have at work and home.

8. The More men and women can “Learn to Listen” the better their relationships with be each other.

7. The more we Listen, the more motivated others are to work and associate with us.

6. The More we Listen, the better we are perceived as an excellent communicator.

5. The more we use Learning to Listen, the easier it is to deal with difficult personalities.

4. Learning to Listen is based on the most current research.

3. Learning to Listen fun and is specific and tactical, no fluff.

2.  Learning to Listen is the first New program on Listening in 15 years. (Audio Program)

1. The More You Listen, the more Power, Influence and Respect you will receive!


  • Audio CD 1 – Understand Listening Styles and Types
  • Audio CD 2 – Tune In, Not Out
  • Audio CD 3 – Listen to Communicate at Work
  • Audio CD 4 – Listen and Lead at Home
  • Audio CD 5 – Boost Your Listening Memory
  • Audio CD 6 – Tie It All Together
  • CD-ROM 7 – Listening Quiz + Workbook

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Price: $79.95
Audio CD Version:

Program Title: The Ultimate Supervisor: How to Motivate, Retain, Discipline or Fire w/o Being Sued or Harassed

by Dr. Brian Grossman


  • Audio CD 1 – Leadership Fundamentals and Issues That All Managers Face
  • Audio CD 2 – Developing Personal Leadership Strengths
  • Audio CD 3 – Communication Techniques Every Supervisor Should Know
  • Audio CD 4 – Managing Time, Priorities and Projects, Including Effective Delegation Techniques
  • Audio CD 5 – Building a Highly Motivated, High-Performance Team (Motivation; Team Building; Creativity
  • Audio CD 6 – Dealing With Negativity in the Workplace
  • CD-ROM 7 –Workbook & Assessments

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Price: $79.95

Audio CD Version:

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Program Title: The 5th Generation of Time Management:
Optimize Time Management and Performance in a Multi-Generational Workplace
by Dr. Brian Grossman


  • Audio CD 1 – The Reality of Time
  • Audio CD 2 – Proven Time Management Techniques
  • Audio CD 3 – Generational/Cultural Issues and Solutions
  • Audio CD 4 – Cognitive Overload: The multitask Myth
  • Audio CD 5 – The 5th Generation Solution
  • Audio CD 6 – A continuous System for solutions
  • CD-ROM 7 – Workbook and Resources
Price: $79.95